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Centrex Compliance Request

Here at Centrex, protecting your private information and the private information of your clients is our priority. You can reference Centrex Security, Centrex Privacy Policy, and Centrex Acceptable Use Policy.

Data and/or asset theft are unfortunately, a reality within the finance industry and Centrex does everything within its power to help you protect that data and those assets.  Centrex provides system security features such as:

  • Custom user permissions that are two layers deep
  • Two factor authentication for all users (2FA)
  • IP white listing so users can only login from a certain IP address
  • System logs that captures activity of each user
  • Data sharing controls for all users

If you believe your Centrex platform has been breached, or you believe your data within your Centrex platform has been compromised, please fill out the compliance request form below, and the following steps will be taken:

  1. Your compliance request will instantly provide you with a compliance request ID via auto email to your inbox. Please reference this ID for future inquiries.
  2. Your compliance request will instantly notify the Centrex compliance department and other relative Centrex team members.
  3. Your compliance request within 24 hours will go into the status of “Compliance Request Under Investigation”. This means Centrex team members are currently investigating your compliance inquiry.
  4. If Centrex team members have any questions regarding your compliance request, they will contact you directly.
  5. Centrex will provide a report with its findings on that investigation.


Please fill out compliance request below:

  • By clicking "Submit" you agree to Centrex Software's website Privacy Policy.

Centrex Contact Information

Centrex welcomes your questions or comments regarding this compliance framework. If you believe that Centrex has not adhered to this framework, please contact Centrex at:

Centrex Software, Inc.

3090 Pullman St Suite F
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(888) 622-5810

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3090 Pullman St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: (888) 622 5810
Fax: (657) 900 2440