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Build Loan and Advance
Applications on Your Website

Finance companies and fintechs of all sizes use the Centrex Smart App Builder WordPress plugin to create dynamic application forms on their websites.

WordPress Based

Single or multi-page application builder

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    Single or multi-page application builder
    Build web form applications with all the questions on one page or questions on multiple pages.
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    Conditionally display questions or content
    Conditional logic has been built into the plugin so you can dynamically insert more questions depending on the answer of other questions.
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    Choose from multiple answer options
    When building your questions you can chose from multiple answer options like text, multiple choice, multiple select, date, and many more.

Integration Made Easy

Simple CRM Integration

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    Link Directly with the Centrex API
    Your web forms will directly communicate with the Centrex CRM API so data from your web forms are automatically inserted into your CRM.
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    Automate Your Underwriting
    Full integration into Plaid for financial data and Universal Credit Services for credit data to automate your underwriting directly on your website.


Questions Our Customers Ask

What software platforms does the plugin integrate with?

Any software platform that has a forward facing open API.  An API allows the WordPress plugin to communicate with the software platform so data from the form can be automatically pushed into that software platform.

What type of questions can I build?

Any question you would like.  The WordPress plugin is a custom application and form builder.  When you build your question you have several answer options to choose from.  Answer options available are: Multiple choice, multiple select, check box, calendar, and much more.

How many data points can I analyze for underwriting?

If you have purchased the premium product you can analyze as many data points as you want.  However, we always recommend keeping it simple in the beginning and adding to your filters as you see how applications are filled out on your website.

Once I upgrade, can I customize the plugin even more?

Yes, absolutely. We have a complete custom development department here at Centrex and would love to schedule a discovery call to better understand your requirements.

No upfront costs!

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$ 99

Per Month

Maps To Centrex CRM

Single Page Forms

Multiple Form Creation

Multiple Field Types

Drag & Drop Builder


$ 500

Per Year

Everything in Free Tier +

Multi-Step Forms

Conditional Logic

File Upload Fields

EnterpriseAdvanced Automation

$ 500

Per Year

+$3,000 one time set up fee

Everything In Free Tier +

Multi-Step Forms

Automated Underwriting

Conditional Logic

File Upload Fields

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