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A fully branded mobile app built for funders & brokers

The presence of your online real estate in this day and age is more important than ever.  Put your company’s brand in your customers pocket to create more engaging and intelligent relationships.

Give The Power Of Centrex Software To Your Customers

Give The Power Of Centrex Software To Your Customers

Here at Centrex Software we know better than most the commitment in operations that is required by you and your team in collecting bank statements, tax returns, data, and other financial information to make a credit decision or broker a file. As a fintech company, we want to help with that process by giving not just you, but also your customer the power of state of the art technology to get the job done smarter.

The Solution: We teamed up with the best of the best in the fintech industry, and built a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Apple and Google App store 100% white labeled to your company so you can offer it to your customers.

Full Plaid Integration

Because financial data is at the forefront of underwriting and represents the overall health of a business or of a consumer, Centrex teamed up with Plaid Technologies to make sure you have the most accurate and secure financial data available.  The Centrex white label mobile app can pull raw financial data and/or pull a PDF of financial data in the form of a bank statement.

The Value: Where Plaid really creates a tremendous amount of value in the Centrex white label mobile app is by giving our clients fresh financial data from their clients every single day.  This creates more engagement between lender/brokers and their clients, while at the same time giving servicer’s more data to monitor the ongoing health of a client.

White Label Mobile App Screens

Your customers can link bank accounts via Plaid, upload documents, view and complete tasks,  see loans and/or advances, view transactions, request payoff, and more.

Financial Health Monitoring

It is in the best interest of your fund to protect your customer and it is the best interest of your customer to protect your fund.

The Power of Mobile App Technology

Connect Financial Accounts

Your customers can pull in all their corporate bank account and credit card account data and share that data with you and your team in your CRM.

Money Management

Your customers can manage their financials and transactions each day creating a more engaging relationship between your business and your clients.

View Advances/Loans

Your customers can view their advances /loans, statuses, balances, transactions, request pay off, request more funds, and view broker/funder info.

Task Management

Your customers can view tasks created in your CRM, mark tasks as completed, and see new tasks view push notifications on smart phone and smart watch.

Push Notifications

Automatic daily, weekly, and monthly push notifications on bank balances and funds spent. Manually send notifications to smart watch and smart phone.

Upload Documents

Your customers can upload documents like tax returns, driver’s license, financials, and other documents you require from them for underwriting.

Completely Integrated into Your Centrex Software CRM Account

We forecast an increase in your conversion rates, team efficiency, client engagement, and brand awareness.

The Centrex white label mobile app has been architected with an API (Application Programing Inner-face) infrastructure. This means that if you are using a CRM other than the Centrex CRM such as SalesForce, or HubSpot, or Zoho, or any other CRM, you can still take advantage of the power of the Centrex white label mobile app technology.


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