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Trey Markel



VP Sales & Marketing


(888) 622-5810
3090 Pullman St Suite F
Costa Mesa CA 92626
  • Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Business Development
  • Public Speaking

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More about Trey 

The relationship between people and their money is evolving and has become more personal and more customizable than ever before. Because of this and following my passion, I am on a never ending quest to build and evangelize finance technology (Fintech) to create and maintain more intelligent and productive relationships between consumers/business owners and their money.

With technology as the vehicle, I believe we can truly see a safe and open banking system where consumers and business owners can see far more than just numbers on a screen. Banking should be an experience and not a chore and that is my goal.

Along with business, I very much enjoy mentoring the youth on becoming an adult and assisting them in making the right choices. I strive each and every day to leave people of all ages with something they can positively use in their life.

I have a bachelor of science degree in business marketing from University of the Pacific where I received a water polo scholarship.

No mater what you believe, how you think, or how you live your life……….always keep the peace. 

Trey Markel – VP of Sales & Marketing

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