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Email Support

If you have any questions regarding using your Centrex Software account, our dedicated support team members are readily available to answer them. Feel free to send us an email at with any questions you may have.

Centrex Support Center

If you have questions regarding the Centrex platform and its ecosystem, we have a complete library of articles and videos that can guide you and your team down the road to success.  We also have a live chat bot that will respond with articles and videos based on keywords in your request.  

Training Academy

If you are a new Centrex Software customer looking for the training academy, you can head over to to access all your course materials. The Centrex Software Academy contains videos and guided learning courses covering the entire software platform..

Consulting Services

If you are in need or simply want to use all aspects of the Centrex ecosystem and platform, Centrex offers different consulting packages that guarantee the platform is deeply routed into your business.  Centrex wants your staff and your customers to have an “Experience” while using your software.  

Helpful Articles

While Centrex Software can power your business in any industry, our platform includes dedicated technology for Merchant Cash Advance, Business Loan, and Call Center organizations.


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