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MCA Servicing Software

Experience the Power of Servicing Your Merchant Cash Advance Portfolio with Centrex

If you are a direct funder and need to ACH draft your merchants daily, weekly, or monthly, Centrex is the software platform for you.  Manage and pay out syndicates, manage brokers, accounting, and more.

MCA Servicing Software

MCA Factor Rate Calculator

  • Auto calculate RTR and payment amount
  • CC Split or ACH programs
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly repayment options
  • Lock pricing automatically for security
  • Override calculator for modifications or slow pay
  • Advance types: New, Renewal, Add-On

ACH Payment Processing

  • Daily, weekly, monthly processing
  • Four daily transaction status updates
  • Credits to syndicates in batch
  • Auto NSF or add to account balance
  • Never over pay your syndicates
  • Manually add payments at any time
  • Account balance and RTR balance
  • Auto draft turns off on certain R Codes

MCA Reporting

  • Create custom accounting reports
  • Debits and credits
  • Email accounting reports
  • Export accounting reports
  • Analyze reports
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Managed Data Cloud (MDC)
  • Snowflake portal access
  • Write custom sequel queries
  • Third party data import
  • Google data studio
  • Tableau
  • Every 15 minute data sync
  • Syndicate portal
  • Daily remittance reports
  • Daily, weekly, monthly payouts
  • Performance reports
  • Exhibit A management
  • Fees and override commissions
  • ISO management
  • ISO portal and submissions
  • Custom ISO performance
  • Multi-company management
  • Commission tracking
MCA Servicing Software Desktop

MCA Syndication Platform

If you are a direct funder and have investors or syndicates that participate on your files, Centrex has a complete end-to-end syndication platform. Syndicates have unlimited access to a free portal, will receive daily remittance reports, can be paid out based on custom settings, can re-invest, and more.

Fund Management

If you are a fund manager and need to service your merchant cash advance portfolio and have investors or syndicates, Centrex has a partnership with SuperVest. SuperVest is a syndicate matchmaking network along with fund management software integrated into the Centrex platform.

MCA White Label Mobile App

Put your brand in your customers pocket

Put your finance business in the iOS app store and Android app store with the Centrex white labeled mobile app.  Link client bank accounts, monitor their financial health, pull credit data, send push notifications, send tasks, collect docs, and more.

MCA Application Builder

Looking to build merchant cash advance applications on your website and/or automatically underwrite customers directly on your website?  The Centrex WordPress form builder plugin is what you are looking for.  Integrated with Plaid and USC, along with conditional logic and fully integrated into your CRM, the Centrex WordPress plugin will give you exactly what you need and want.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to merchant cash advance servicing software, Centrex has one of the widest and deepest platforms available in the sector.  Where other platforms may have features that are valuable and interesting as it relates to servicing, Centrex simply offers more from beginning to end.

Having diverse options as a software platform allows your funding business to scale without having to worry about switching platforms midway through rapid growth.

I have been using the servicing aspect of Centrex for years and it offers everything I need and more to service my merchant cash advance portfolio.

Keith NasonKings Funding Group

Centrex has taken my MCA portfolio and organized it in way where I can see everything I need to see all in one place.

Jack JeterMerchant Refi

As a funder needing data and reports the way we need to see them, the Centrex managed data cloud product offers everything we need.

Jeff MyattBitty Advance
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