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Managed Data Cloud Reporting

As your finance company grows, custom reporting will become more valuable than ever.  Welcome to the the Centrex Software custom reporting suite.

Custom Reporting

Centrex data sync every 15 minutes to Snowflake

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    Snowflake Data Sync
    Every 15 minutes the data sitting in your Centrex DB will be synced into a secure snowflake warehouse.
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    Custom SQL Injections
    You can inject any sql query you would like into the Snowflake warehouse to pull any data set you require.
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    Tableau Business Insights
    Data will be pulled into the Tableau Business Insights software for dash-boarding and viewing custom data.

Custom Reporting Made Easy

Data Warehousing and BI Tools

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    Snowflake Data Warehousing
    Snowflake is one of the best platforms in the business that will help you manage all your data in one place.  Pull in third party data to sync with your Centrex data.
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    Tableau Business Intelligence
    Tableau offers one of the most dynamic business intelligence reporting tools in the finance sector.  Data cleansing and custom dash boards and much more.

Don't have your own development resources?

Centrex can help with building out all your custom reports.

See it in Action


Questions Our Customers Ask

What is the process of setting up MDC with Centrex?

The process starts off with signing the Centrex Software Managed Data Cloud Proposal.  Once that is signed, the Centrex development team will fire up a Snowflake instance and grant you access to that instance.  Once that is completed, you will express to us what BI tool you have decided to use and we will integrate the two together.  Here at Centrex we prefer Tableau.  Lastly, we will train you on how Snowflake and Tableau operate and even give you a few examples.

What type of questions can I build?

Any question you would like.  The WordPress plugin is a custom application and form builder.  When you build your question you have several answer options to choose from.  Answer options available are: Multiple choice, multiple select, check box, calendar, and much more.

How many data points can I analyze for underwriting?

If you have purchased the premium product you can analyze as many data points as you want.  However, we always recommend keeping it simple in the beginning and adding to your filters as you see how applications are filled out on your website.

Once I upgrade, can I customize the plugin even more?

Yes, absolutely. We have a complete custom development department here at Centrex and would love to schedule a discovery call to better understand your requirements.

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