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Lender Matchmaking

Add criteria for each one of your lenders and let Centrex recommend which lenders to submit to.

Lender Criteria

Lender Criteria

  • Add lender criteria using any standard field or custom field in the CRM.
  • Criteria for lenders are normally 7 to 10 data points
  • Years in business, annual gross revenue, entity type, industry, state, credit score.
  • Lender criteria can be edited or changed at any time by you or another Centrex Software CRM user.

Lender Recommendations

  • Submit a single package to multiple lenders without having to remember which lenders to submit to.
  • CRM will recommend which lenders to send to in green based on 100% match rate.
  • Recommended lenders will display at the top of your lender list.
  • Lender performance tracking to better understand which lenders are closing the most deals.
Lender Recommendations

Grow Smarter

with lender matchmaking

Take the guessing game out of your lender submissions and let Centrex lead the way with lender filters and matchmaking.

ClixSign Documents

Once a lender has said yes to your submission, send docs out for esign.

Text & Email Marketing

Communicate with your clients letting them know their request for funds have been accepted.

Client Portal

Give your clients the transparency they want with a full white labeled client portal.

Mobile App

Let your clients know which lenders have accepted right in their pocket.

Contact & Deal Management

Organize all your contacts and deals on those contacts for the best results.

Advance/Loan Servicing

As a funder manage your transactions and accounting all under one roof with Centrex.

Multi-Company Management

Manage multiple brands with multi-company management keeping everything safe and secure.

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