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Seamlessly integrated partners

Here at Centrex we have partnered with a variety of different vendors to enable our clients to service their entire business portfolio through the Centrex ecosystem.

ACH Processors

We’ve partnered with various ACH Processors to enable our clients to service their entire loan/advance portfolio through the Centrex Software CRM interface. Process merchant debits, syndicate credits, and more.

Email Providers

We’ve partnered with various email providers via an SMTP connection.  Email providers like GMail and SendGrid make it quite easy to integrate an email server system.  Though we can work with Microsoft 365, we have found it quite difficult to do so because of all the restraints they have in place.  We highly recommend GMail.

Financial Data

We’ve partnered with Plaid to pull financial data and monitor financial data.  The Plaid integration is only available within the Centrex Software mobile app and mobile app admin screens at the moment.

Credit Reporting

We’ve partnered with Meridian Link, a pass-through credit reporting gateway, Xactus, TransUnion, and iSoftPull for credit report data.  With Meridian Link, you can choose any credit reporting provider you would like as long as they are integrated with Meridian Link gateway.  iSoftPull, Xactus, and TransUnion are also great options for credit report data.

Phone Systems

We’ve partnered with various phone system and dialer companies which enable click-to-call, automatic call logging and more, directly in the Centrex Software CRM interface.

External Servers

Both SendGrid and are widely used by Centrex clients for the purposes of dedicated IP email marketing, email triggers, email notifications, and email auto responders.  Several ISO’s and brokers use these servers as well for their lender submissions.

Text Messaging

We’ve partnered with Twilio so that you can participate in a variety of text messaging within the Centrex platform.  Threaded text message conversations, text message auto responders, text message blasting, and text message notification and triggers.

Syndication Network

We’ve partnered with SuperVest, a syndication network,  to provide loan and advance syndication relationships directly available through the Centrex Software CRM platform.

Data Warehousing

We’ve partnered with SnowFlake for warehousing data within Centrex.  Custom queries can be written and data can be pulled into a BI tool like Tableau or Google Data Studio for custom reporting and dashboards.  Managed Data Cloud is the product.

Background Checks

We’ve partnered with Thomson Reuters and their CLEAR search program to enable our customers to pull background checks on their merchants and/or borrowers.


We’ve partnered with Spinify that utilizes our managed data cloud product to create games and competitions for the sales reps on the sales floor.  Favorite songs, cash rewards, leader boards, and much more.

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