FinTech CRM Software

Fully Customizable Fintech CRM Software

A dynamic fintech CRM software platform architected and designed for the modern day fintech company.

Data Management

Build dynamic lists based on any data point, including time in status, and share assigned contacts with team members.

Phone & Dialer Integrations

Integrations with several phone systems and dialers to boost call center representative efficiency.

Data Sources

Create custom data sources to receive data from various API services.


Post data out of the CRM to a third party. Create automatic triggers for posting out of the CRM.

CRM for Fintechs


Track calls, sales, and notes in one central platform. Schedule events, get reminders, and increase your overall productivity and performance.


Increase team productivity and optimize efficiency through smart CRM automation technology. Stay on top of essential reporting and monitor team performance.

Business Owners

Create custom business rules, user roles permissions, manage affiliates, and track your entire pipeline. Get activity reports and create custom business rules.

Give The Power Of Centrex Software To Your customers

Centrex Software CRM will boost your team’s productivity, increase efficiency, provide more transparency, and generate more revenue. Manage your entire end-to-end business in one central platform.

Whether you are funder, broker, or any business owner in need of a better way to track and manage your pipeline, Centrex Software CRM is built for you. You’ll have access to state-of-the art technology to keep you at the cutting edge of your industry.

The future of fintech CRM is now

Productivity Reporting

See extensive productivity reports that show calls made, messages left, connectivity, and more. Filter reports on reps and customers.

Custom Fields and Forms

Completely customize each field in the CRM along with all your intake forms. Create custom forms for internal or external use.

Phone System Integrations

Integrations into several different phone systems and dialers with click to call, screen pops, auto dispositions, and more.

Dynamic List Building

Create dynamic lists where reps can all have access to the same list but can only see data on that list assigned to themselves.

Grow Faster

with Centrex Software

Generate more leads, close more deals, track and manage your portfolio, all under one roof.

ClixSign Documents

Send any document for electronic signature with pre-populated contact data.

Text & Email Marketing

Communicate with clients, send campaigns, track opens, and more.

Client Portal

Give your clients a login to upload documents, view messages, monitor balances, and more.

ClixSign Documents

Send any document for electronic signature with pre-populated contact data.

Contract & Deal Management

Optimize and automate effortlessly with powerful contact and deal management tools.

Loan Servicing

Manage and service your entire portfolio through Centrex with integrated processing, and more.

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