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Our proven CRM software consulting packages are designed to provide our software clients expert guidance in implementing and managing a successful CRM system. For the past 8 years, Centrex Software has been a leader in the CRM software space. We are proud to provide state-of-the-art services including consulting, CRM software, and support to hundreds of happy clients.

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Drip Email MarketingDynamic Data ManagementTask Management & Triggers

Get expert advice from the people who know your CRM software the best.

CRM Software Benefits


Boost Productivity

CRM applications can help increase sales productivity by up to 34%

Source: Salesforce


Know Your Audience

78% of top-performing marketers say list segmentation is one marketing automation feature they can’t live without

Source: Gleanster


Automate and Win

Automated emails get 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails

Source: Epsilon

drip email marketing software

Drip Email Marketing

Email marketing if implemented correctly, can increase your conversion rates upwards of 10% or even higher.  With each client that is entered into your Centrex Software CRM account, you will have the ability to send one-off, or a series of drip email marketing campaigns to grab their attention.  You can even schedule campaigns to be sent based on a client being in a status for a certain period of time.  Both internal and external email triggers also increase brand awareness and assist in automated customer support.

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Dynamic Data Management

Understanding dynamic data management and list building is an important component of a successful CRM implementation. Make sure each team and/or department has targeted lists that allow them to manage their assigned prospects and/or clients effectively and efficiently.  The concept of dynamic data management  can be a difficult strategy to think about, build, and implement without proper guidance. Centrex Software provides expert dynamic data management consulting, find out how we can help set you up for success.

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Dynamic Data Management

Triggers & Task Management

Task management and task triggers are crucial for keeping your staff and clients organized throughout the full life cycle of the underwriting and funding process. In the Centrex Software CRM platform, there are settings that allow for different notifications to task assigners and task assignee’s. Get a custom implementation and support from the Centrex Software Consulting Team to create your task groups and task triggers.

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