ClixSign® Documents

Quickly Convert New Leads with the Centrex Proprietary Finance Dedicated Esign Platform and Technology


Secure Esign Technology

  • Digital certificate on last page of all ClixSign docs
  • Esign document permissions for each user and company
  • Date and time stamps on all ClixSign activity
  • Copy of completed esign document in client portal

Dedicated Esign Technology

  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Entertains up to seven signers
  • Populates custom data onto documents
  • Completed esign docs automatically attach into CRM
Electronic Signature

Grow Faster

with Centrex Esign Tech

Convert more leads and close more deals faster with Centrex Esign technology and other Centrex fintech solutions.


ClixSign Documents

Send any document for electronic signature with pre-populated contact data.


Text & Email Marketing

Communicate with clients, send campaigns, track opens, and more.


Client Portal

Give your clients a login to upload documents, view messages, monitor balances, and more.


Mobile App

Put your brand in the pockets of your customers for more engaging business.


Contract & Deal Management

Optimize and automate effortlessly with powerful contact and deal management tools.


Loan/Advance Servicing

Manage and service your entire portfolio through Centrex with integrated processing, and more.


Broker/ISO Management

Manage multiple brands, ISO’s, Brokers, Lenders, Syndicators, and more.