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Business Loans Like Never Before
Designed for funders, brokers and syndicators. Business Loan CRM that builds businesses.
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The CRM of the Future

Centrex Software has designed business loan CRM that includes everything you will need to run your business under one roof.  Whether you offer merchant cash advances, revenue based advances, unsecured lines of credit, or any other type of business financing, you will finally experience the power of everything in one place.

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Loan Origination

Complete customizable CRM with electronic signature, client portal, document builder and much more.

Multi-Lender Submission

Send a advance and loan docs to multiple lenders at the same time.  Track lender submissions with notes and submission statuses.  

Lender Database

Manage a complete database of lending institutions along with contacts and underwriting guidelines.

Full Underwriting

Complete underwriting technology with multi-advance tracking, third party integrations with Decision Logics and Credit Report Resellers.

Be Connected Anywhere at Any Time

As long as you can access the web, you can securely access your Centrex CRM

The Fastest Growing CRM in the Industry

Centrex Software is one of the fastest growing CRM platforms in the industry which allows us to create more connectivity with industry leaders and third party platforms.

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Merchant Financials

Insert merchant financials such as bank statements and credit card processing statements.  See totals and averages.

Credit Reports

Pull credit report data from all three agencies into the system from TransUnion and Universal Credit Solutions.

Decision Logics

Pull Decision Logics reports right into the system.  Refresh reports with one click of a button.  Reports are stored in clients account for life.

Multi-Lender Submission

Submit a loan or advance package to multiple lenders at the same time.  Track all submissions with notes and submission statuses.

Participation Tracking

Manage all advances and business loan that you are participating in or syndication partners you have on your loans or advances.


Track commissions by percentage or amounts for all parties involved on a loan or advance.  Brokers, underwriters, sales, ISO’s, syndication partners.

What Are You Waiting For?

Be apart of the fastest growing sector in the United States and use tye best to do it.  Centrex Software provides everything you need to run your business finance company all under one roof.

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