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Welcome to Central Software and hello. This is going to be a brief overview of the business finance & merchant cash advance dedicated technology that the Central Software platform has to offer.
A bit of an overview of Central Software, we’ve been around just shy of about ten years. Our claim to fame here is the ability to run your entire business under one roof. We are much more than just a CRM platform we’ve got full front end CRM.

We’ve got full underwriting and on the back end for you funders we’ve got full ACH portfolio processing, all your accounting and then, of course, external broker and ISO management as well. So it is much more than just CRM with Central Software but today we’re going to go over a bit of the dedicated technology in the finance sector.

Monitor Multiple Advances For A Single Merchant At The Same Time

Ok so if I were to go ahead and jump into a client dashboard. One of the things you guys are going to be able to do is monitor multiple advances for one merchant at the same time. So whether that advance is a new advanced or it’s an add-on or it’s a renewal. You guys very well know that you will have multiple opportunities for one merchant to offer them a fund for their business over the course of the life cycle of their business. So again whether it’s a new advanced, an add-on renewal you can always add a new advanced, or you can edit a current advance.

Editing An Active Current Advance

Let’s go ahead and edit the current advance in the system. The very first thing you guys are going to be able to see here is the ability to assign a sales rep, funder, broker, or an underwriter to this particular advance opportunity and these are fully customizable. When it comes to attaching a funder to this particular advance opportunity you’re going to have a list of lending institutions in the lenders tab. So if I were to jump into the lenders tab here you can see here you’ve got a database of lending institutions. As you start closing your advances, the system will tell you what percentage of your overall closed portfolio is with a certain funder along with the amount. So for example if I were to scroll down to OnDeck Capital here we can see all the different types of advances working with OnDeck Capital, we can see the different contacts we have with OnDeck, we can see notes for OnDeck, we can also see the advances we are currently working with OnDeck.

Assign Funding Institutions

Ok so we were to go back into the advances tab and we were to go back into our test account laundry service here you can see that you can assign a funding institution to this particular advance opportunity. For those of you who are funders, you would go into the lenders tab, and you would assign the advance opportunity to yourself if you’re going to be funding your own deal. As we scroll down, you can see the Pricer. So is this a new advanced and add on a renewal is it an ACH draft or credit card hold back with the advance amount? What’s the repayment period in either days weeks or months? You guys have your remit or factor rate. You’ve got your payback amount and then your total daily payment if it’s going to be a daily ACH draft. You’ve got your lien position, and then you’ve got your full application down here at the bottom. Everything in the central software platform and it is fully customizable so you guys can customize a lot of these custom fields at any time you like.

Financials Tab Has All The Different Types Of Financial Documents

If I come over to the left, we’ve got financials. I can scroll down, and we can see all the different types of bank statement financials and credit card processing statement financials for this particular merchant.
We’ve got documents; you guys can drag and drop different types of documents into the advances tab from your local hard drive. You can generate pdfs of any one of your contracts or applications. You can zip up multiple files, and you can also upload files into the system as well for this particular advance

Per Populated Conditions Or Create Your Own

You’ve got conditions! You’ve got out of the box conditions you guys can choose, and you can always add more conditions on the fly. I can click on bank statements here for example, and I can upload the bank statements into the system, and an underwriter can approve they can decline or trash this particular condition.

Pull Credit And Decision Logic Reports

You guys can pull credit reports into the software platform from a company called Universal Credit Services there a reseller of all three credit bureaus. You guys can pull decision logics reports into the system as well.

Submissions To Multiple Lenders

Now for those of you who are brokers or some of you direct funders you want to broker some of your deals you have the ability to submit a package to multiple lenders at the same time. So I can jump in here I can click on new submission. I can decide which documents I want to package up for this particular submission. I can scroll down and choose all the different types of lending institutions I want to send this to. I can write my template to these lenders, or I can load a quick template, and then I click on submit the package. It’s going to package up all of these documents here, and it’s going to send them to all for these lenders at the same time. Now if I click on view submissions, you’re going to be able to track the submissions to these particular lenders, all the documents that you sent and the email address it went to. You can take notes on this particular submission and then, of course, you can also status out each one of your submissions as well. Ok, so great technology there for submitting a package to multiple lending institutions.

Integration With Third Party Lender Portals

For those lending institutions that require you to submit via their portal, such as OnDeck Capital for example, if you jump into our admin tab and come into settings. We have integrations with several different
lending institutions that require portal submissions, and as long as you have your API key, we can enter those into the system.

Underwriting Notes Built Into The System

So let’s go ahead and jump back into the advances tab here and keep going with this particular customer. Ok, so that was the submission technology we just talked about you guys also have underwriting notes built into the software platform for underwriters.

Partner Participation And Syndication Partners technology

You guys that contract your participation rights for those of you who are participating with funds or for those of you who have syndication partners you can drop down all your different syndication partners. You can choose what percentage or amount you will be participating, the processing fee, whether it’s per payment, the payback amount or the advance amount and then you can track your participation rights.

For those of you who are funders and have syndication partners, there’s a full syndication portal that your syndication partners can log into and see all the advances are currently participating on.

Commission tracking

You’ve got commissioned tracking built into the software for all your commissions.

Funder Functionality

For those of you who are funders and you guys are ready to fund you can come into the funding section put in routing number, account number, account name, and name on the account. Maybe some merchant fees, loan origination fees, some funding details.

ACH Payments Based On Data Points Built In The System

When you guys ready to start ACH drafting this customer we can jump into the payments tab we can turn ACH drafting on. We can come up to the top right here, and we can click on save file now this client is going to be an ACH daily based on the data points that you put right here in the system.

Ok so whether you’re a broker or lender a syndication partner or a direct funder you can see here there’s a lot of great technology in the Centrex Software platform for you to track your data track your commissions track your funding, track your participation rights, all your documents for this particular merchant.

Servicing Functionality For Direct Funders

For those of you who are direct funders and want to service your ACH portfolio through a software platform. Once you come to the bottom here and turn ACH drafting on your client is going to be on the enrollment tab. So if I jump into the enrollments tab, this is where all your funded clients are going to be.
I can click on laundry service here I can see the Gateway pulling the fees. I can see how many payments this client made. I can see the overall client balance. I can see how many times clients NSF. Down here towards the middle, you can see the actual advance you gave this particular merchant. Then down here at the bottom as your daily ACH traps or weekly or monthly ACH trap start clearing the software platform and clearing your bank account, you’re going to be able to see the following: active process, process date, clear date, amount, the type the transaction ID, the memo, the payee, and the status. Now at any time you guys can always add a payment, adjust payments, pause payments, edit the enrollment plan, add a note, reset, cancel the program, and graduate this client from a program.

Okay now what’s great about our system ladies and gentlemen as you guys can come in here and toggle quickly back to the client dashboard where all the relative information is for this particular customer and if I click on the enrollment tab here this will take you right back to the clients and enrolled file. Ok if I click back into the client dashboard, and then I jump into advances I can always click right back into the underwriting section for this particular advance.

Client Portal For Borrowers

Ok, so just a little bit of dedicated technology for the merchant cash advance and business financing industry. A few other great tools that we offer Centrex software customers is a full out of the box customer portal. You can grant access to your customers to a customer portal anytime. If I were to jump over to a customer portal here clients can log in and they can see their dashboard, they can see their profile, and they can see the status of their loan or advance on the profile. You’ve got banking information, you’ve got all the documents, so if the client has electronically signed a document with you guys that will be here in the client view. The client can also upload documents into the CRM as well. Any advances you’ve given this particular merchant, the payments that this merchant has made along with their client balance. Ok and then, of course, the clients can send request notes to you, they can change their password, and then, of course, they can log out of the system as well.

We have proprietary electronic signature built into the software platform and then, of course, a lot of other dedicated CRM technology that you guys would see in other CRM platforms.

So just a basic overview of the central software merchant cash advance dedicated technology. If you guys were like a further demonstration of the centric software platform go ahead and click on the request a demo button and a centrist software specialist will be with you right away.

Thank you very much for your time.

For more information: Merchant Cash Advance CRM

Contact Us: CentrexSoftware Contact Us

Have a specialist give you a walk through of the system: Request A Demo

Trey Markel

Trey Markel is the VP of Sales & Marketing and was one of the first three employees hired at Centrex Software when it was founded back in 2008. Trey has spent his entire career in FinTech and helping business owners solve simple and complex problems with software and technology. Trey has a bachelor of science degree in business administration from University of the Pacific.

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