Broker/ISO Management

Manage affiliates, brokers, ISO's, syndicates, investors, and other companies all under one roof

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Brokers and ISO's

Grant access all ISO’s and brokers to portal to submit new deals
Multi-company assignment to know which deal belongs to who
Broker and ISO email and SMS triggers and notifications
Custom branding within CRM and portal
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ISO and Broker Management

Syndicates and Investors

Grant access to syndicates and investors to portal
Payee bank account data to pay out investors and syndicates
Create users and sub-users for all investors and syndicates
Custom branding for investors and syndicates within CRM and portal
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Manage Your Affiliate Companies Like a Pro

Grant access to your Affiliates, Brokers, ISO's, Investors, and Syndicates so they can have the transparency they want to know you are taking care of them and their needs.

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