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Who We Are

Since 2015, Centrex has been providing cutting edge white label fintech solutions to the finance sector.  We went into business wanting to pave the way and to show businesses and consumers what the future of fintech looks like.  Building a finance business or fintech business can be expensive, confusing, and down right difficult.  Centrex has a mission to arm and power businesses with the solutions they need to be successful for themselves, and their customers.

Who We Are

Core Values


Consistent growth plays a massive role in what we believe in here at Centrex.  Always learning and always growing for our customers.


We believe in being true and honest in what we have as a software company and more importantly, what we don’t have.


People is what makes everything happen each and every day here at Centrex.  Without people we have nothing and we are nothing.


We believe in leading the way and being an example in the fintech space.  We want to show the world what the future of fintech looks like.



Ethical design is at the core of our software development life cycle.  If it shouldn’t be done, we do our best to make sure it can’t be done.


Without vision your team, your product, and your business becomes stagnant.  We dedicate quality time to dream up the future of Centrex.

Mission Statement

To provide finance and fintech companies with technical tools they need and require to be successful for themselves, and for their customers.

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Accepting Change

Change is inevitable and is all around us and our business all the time.  Here at Centrex we have taken a pro-active approach to accept and embrace change as apart of our company culture, mindset, and development strategy.

Without change there will be no change, you will see no change, experience no change, feel no change, and therefore never grow.  Growth is a core value we have here at Centrex and we strive each and every day to stand by our core values.  Change equals growth and growth equals success.

Centrex is truly a company filled with excitement and energy. Technology is changing so fast and to keep up with that change is really a collective effort. It's fun and exciting and motivating!!

Trey MarkelVP Sales and Marketing

Here at Centrex we have unique challenges to solve in the finance industry and what I love is that everyone is up for the challenge.

Michael LindseySenior Software Specialist

What I love about Centrex is that upper management is completely aligned with everything I wanted in a software company when it came to my personal growth. We are going to do amazing things.

Nico BazanSoftware Specialist

I joined the Centrex team as an implementation specialist with the intention to be a web developer. They loved that for me and I am now learning how to write custom sequel queries and much more.

Miguel GonzalezImplementation Specialist
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Phone: (888) 622 5810
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