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Customer relationship management software that can be tailored to your business workflow and needs.

Payment Processing

Process both one-time and recurring credit card payments and ACH payments with one lick of a button.

Email Marketing

Unlimited one-off and recurring drip email marketing with analytic tracking and custom template design.

Affiliate Management

Manage unlimited ISO/Affiliate networks with users and sub-users in those networks within the CRM.

A CRM where you can manage your business under one roof.

The days of bolting together multiple software platforms to run your business are over.  Centrex Software has the center of your business needs taken care of.

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Successful Centrex Software Customers

Just a few thoughts and testimonials that have found success with Centrex Software. 


Create Your Own Software Masterpiece

Experience the flexibility of the Centrex Software platform and the ability to create your own work of art.  Almost all of the platform is customizable to your businesses needs.

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Are You a One Person Shop? No Problem!

It doesn't matter if you are by yourself or have a team of 200 reps.

Centrex Software has been built from the ground up by our team and our team alone. There is no copy and pasted code, no bolt on code, or open source code. The platform has been designed so a team of one can operate the software or a team of 200.


Productivity Analytics and Reporting

Making sure your team is performing at optimal levels is vital to any sales organization.

Centrex Software has been designed so you can build custom productivity, accounting, enrollments and affiliate reports where you can cross reference multiple metrics at the same time.


Collaboration and Teamwork is Crucial

The ability to work with your team on each file together is in-valuable.

With multi-suer assignment, Centrex Software CRM users can all work on the same file together with a date and time stamp on when changes were made. SMS and email notifications will alert users when a file has been shared with them.

Our Simple Three Step Process

Centrex wants to know what you are all about, so we can show you who we are all about,

so we can help grow your business.


Our knowledgable sales team will ask you a series of questions to find out exactly what is needed from a software platform to help run and grow your business. We want to know where your pains are and the problems you haven’t bee  able to solve as it relates to software.  Be honest with us and we can assist in guiding you down the road to success.

Once our team has discovered where we can be the most help, your sales representative will take you through a live demonstration of the Centrex Software platform and prove to you that we have a solution that you can trust.  Any and all questions, comments, or concerns will be addressed during the demonstration so you leave feeling comfortable with Centrex Software.  Each demonstration is recorded and sent to you seconds after the demonstration is complete.

Once your live demonstration is complete and you have had a chance to review the demonstration recording, your sales representative will send you a proposal and a contract for you and your team to look over.  The proposal will include each service the Centrex Software platform offers along with any and all consulting programs that are offered to make sure the implementation of the software platform is efficient and to your liking.

Industry Dedicated Technology to Help You Succeed

Centrex Software has designed technology specific to a few different industries  so you and your business can experience dedicated success.

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Business Financing

Are you a broker, syndicator or funder and need to manage your business all under one roof? Centrex Software has built dedicated technology for business finance shops of all shapes and sizes.
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Law Firms

Do you have a law practice and need the ability to manage all of your cases, attorneys and documents? Centrex Software has ``Matters`` technology along with state by state regulation settings.
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Call Centers

Are you a call center manager or do you own or operate a call center and need dedicated technology to increase productivity? Centrex Software has fully customizable call center CRM technology with multiple phone system and dialer integrations.
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Sharpen Your Pencil With Centrex Software!

Centrex Software has been designed so you are in control.

Custom Contracts

Custom Intake Forms

Custom Email Templates

Custom Fields

Custom Fee Schedules

Custom Email Triggers

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