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CRM Software

Customer relationship management software that can be tailored to your business workflow and needs.

Payment Processing

Process both one-time and recurring credit card payments and ACH payments with one click of a button.

SMS Marketing Software

Text message your current clients for events or meetings or send text messages to future clients about your business.

Consulting Services

Not sure where to start or what you need?  Not a problem.  We can point you down all the right roads with successful software solutions.

A CRM where you can manage your business under one roof.

The days of bolting together multiple software platforms to run your business are over.  Centrex Software has the center of your business needs taken care of.

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Industry Dedicated Technology to Help You Succeed

Centrex Software has designed technology specific to a few different industries  so you and your business can experience dedicated success.

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Business Financing

Are you a broker, syndicator or funder and need to manage your business all under one roof? Centrex Software has built dedicated technology for business finance shops of all shapes and sizes.
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Law Firms

Do you have a law practice and need the ability to manage all of your cases, attorneys and documents? Centrex Software has ``Matters`` technology along with state by state regulation settings.
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Call Centers

Are you a call center manager or do you own or operate a call center and need dedicated technology to increase productivity? Centrex Software has fully customizable call center CRM technology with multiple phone system and dialer integrations.
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Text Message Software

Almost everyone has a cell phone these days and almost everyone who has a cell phone always looks at every single text message they ever receive.  Start sending texts now!!

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Successful Centrex Software Customers

Just a few thoughts and testimonials that have found success with Centrex Software. 

Software Consulting Services!

Centrex Software consultants have your best interest in mind.

Implementation Consulting

Task Management Consulting

Trigger Consulting

Email Marketing Consulting

Data Management Consulting

Website Consulting

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