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Let’s face it; you don’t want to make a mistake picking the wrong CRM. Customer relationship software can be a time saver, but it comes with the price of a learning curve. That learning curve can cost you a lot of money if you have to switch later down the line. We put together a few things to consider when choosing a CRM, let’s review them and hopefully the suggestions will help.


Not identifying whether or not you are looking for a niche solution

A niche solution may be perfect for your company if planning to use the solution at its highest possible level. If you are only using the CRM for basic data input, you won’t benefit from the most high-powered solution with tons of bells and whistles. If you are using the solution to track multiple areas unique to the type of business you operate, you may need to consider a niche solution.

Not considering the needs of all the users

Most likely you are not the only one that will be using the CRM; you’ll have to take time out to understand specific user needs of others. You don’t want to run the risk of being fully invested in a particular solution that only the executives have reviewed. Your evaluation of a CRM should represent a cross-section of all of the users who will collaborate within the software.

Choosing the solution that won’t address the problem

This seems obvious but is one of those issues that is easily overlooked. Let’s say the most pressing issue is facilitating communication to customers. Communication should be a make it or break it feature. Don’t get caught up in other fancier aspects of the software if communication is not one of them.

Keep in mind the solution selected must efficiently and accurately address that problem. It is not uncommon for businesses to seek out CRM solutions that don’t necessarily address the issue. The main problem the solution is expected to resolve should be the top priority.

Choosing a CRM that doesn’t save you time

Most organizations can quickly identify at least two time-consuming processes when it comes to managing their customer relations. These cumbersome processes should be carefully mapped out and matched to the ideal CRM solution that can streamline the process. The selected CRM should save your business time and resources.

Not understanding ongoing IT needs and anticipated resources

You may have access to managed IT services or an in-house team of professionals. You may be in a position where you have limited access to reliable resources that can resolve IT problems as they arise. You may even have access to IT resources that have specialties that don’t quite align with your particular needs for a given CRM solution. When selecting a CRM solution, consider the skill set of your technical staff and potential support requirements.

Not testing the package

One of the most common mistakes in choosing a CRM is making a selection before scheduling multiple demos. Ideally, one should consider evaluating several solutions simultaneously. Most companies will offer a trial or walk you through an online demo.

Avoiding these common pitfalls in choosing a CRM will help you get the decision right. In carefully vetting and testing each solution, you will be able to find the perfect solution for your business. Removed the guesswork associated with choosing a CRM. Let’s talk today!

Trey Markel

Trey Markel is the VP of Sales & Marketing and was one of the first three employees hired at Centrex Software when it was founded back in 2008. Trey has spent his entire career in FinTech and helping business owners solve simple and complex problems with software and technology. Trey has a bachelor of science degree in business administration from University of the Pacific.

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