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When you think of a law firm or an attorney’s office, you can’t help but picture the clutter of client papers stashed somewhere in a dark room. Now with the current development in technology, imagine all that clutter of client papers being accessible with the simple click of a mouse. This is just one of the many benefits of Legal CRM Software for attorneys.

A Case Management Software from a reliable provider such as CentrexSoftware provides added value to attorneys including:

Managing deadlines

Attorneys have a lot of deadlines to meet regarding cases or lawsuits. Without proper organization, an attorney can miss an important date. This is where a case management software comes in. It will help you manage all the deadlines you are expected to meet by adding it to your calendar.

Prevents loss of information

It is easy to lose a client information even with the greatest care and attention. Information stored in the form of a paper copy can be mislaid from time to time. Lost or misplaced information can cause significant problems to an attorney and their client as well.

A case management software that is capable of storing all client information held by a lawyer is the ultimate solution. CentrexSoftware CRM also provides;
• An opportunity to look professional
• Maximization on storage
• Easy access to client files
• An effective way to meet all required obligations

Efficient sharing of information

Remember that clutter of client paper mentioned earlier? How do you share that information if only one person can possess it at any one time? If you were to require access to a single file, that is currently possessed by another user; it would prove extremely difficult. Sharing files that are in the form of paper can prove difficult which leads to inconveniences.

A case management software allows different people to have access to a single file without waiting in turn to use it.

Retrieval of documents

As you organize a case, you will require information from many different sources. A piece of the information can be found on the firm’s server; some can be sitting in the email documents a client sent you while another piece can be sitting on a shelve somewhere in the storage unit. It will take you a lot of time and effort to piece it all together.
With a management software, such information will be readily available in a single place. Organizing your case documents becomes much more simplified and very efficient.

Other benefits of a case management software include
• Makes the correspondence between an attorney and a client more efficient
• It has mobile capabilities. This means you can work from anywhere
• It has an automated time and billing system
• It keeps track of task and future events
• And much more

So what’s stopping you? As an attorney, you can benefit greatly from a case management software like the one we provide at CentrexSoftware. Our software is unlike no other. If you haven’t adopted a CRM yet, give us a try today!

Trey Markel

Trey Markel is the VP of Sales & Marketing and was one of the first three employees hired at Centrex Software when it was founded back in 2008. Trey has spent his entire career in FinTech and helping business owners solve simple and complex problems with software and technology. Trey has a bachelor of science degree in business administration from University of the Pacific.

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