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Centrex Academy is your number one source to learn the Centrex Software CRM platform. We take you step-by-step through every function in your CRM platform to set you up for success. Get ready to take improve efficiency, take control, and drive more conversions.

What We Cover

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Training #1: Workflows

In our first business finance CRM training video, we cover best practices in creating a workflow, how to color code your workflow, and how to edit or change your workflow stages and status.

Training #2: Advances

In our second business finance CRM training video, we cover the advances tab. We cover creating advance statuses, mapping your advance statuses with your contact statuses, creating your advance pipeline, granting access to teams and/or users to those pipelines, creating your advance workflow options, setting up syndication payment options, creating NSF fee options, creating lender submission email addresses, and mapping both documents and applications for advances.

Training #3: Administration

In our third business finance CRM training video, you will learn the admin tab. We cover creating user roles, creating teams, users, and companies. We also cover adding brokers, ISO’s, or affiliates. You learn how to create client portal and Clix Sign settings. We teach you how to create email triggers, call settings, and note templates.

Training #4: Data Sources

In our fourth business finance CRM training video, you’ll learn how to master inbound data sources. We cover creating a post URL for integrating external web forms, uploading CSV data, creating auto responders for new leads, round-robin lead assignment for your staff, and creating notification emails and text messages for new leads. We teach you how to create web hooks for new leads in a dialer or third party software, best practices for managing data via list building, adding filters to contact lists, how to share lists with teams and users, and how to drag and dropping custom data columns on each list.

Training #5: Custom Fields

In our fifth business finance training CRM video, you’ll learn custom fields best practices. We cover creating custom fields, editing custom fields, creating custom field answer options, and adding custom fields to intake forms and external forms. We teach you how to create intake forms, intake form data groups, and settings for intake forms. You’ll learn our best practices for sharing intake forms with teams and users, creating external forms and creating external form settings.

Training #6: Client Dashboard

In our sixth business finance CRM training video, we teach you the client dashboard. We cover adding a new contact, editing a contact, assigning a contact to a user, emailing a client, and tracking a phone call. We’ll also teach you best practices for creating a budget analysis, sending an external form request, creating a client portal, creating an advance opportunity, viewing and tracking phone calls, taking notes and notifying users when a note is created. We also cover uploading docs into the CRM, generating PDF docs, sending documents out for electronic signature from the CRM, and zipping up docs. Lastly, we teach you how to create calendar events for a client, create a task for a client or a user, input credit card or bank account information, view advances, create advance and syndication reports. We cover customizing data columns in the advances tab, creating a new lender in the lenders tab, editing a lender, creating contacts for a lender, and taking notes for a lender.

Training #7: Calendars

In our seventh business finance CRM training video, we teach you all about the calendar. You’ll learn how to create calendar events for each user, subscribe to external calendars, create event types and event type settings, and create event type dismal settings and dismal forms. We’ll teach you our best practices for creating an event for a user and a client, creating task settings, creating task items and task groups, creating task triggers, and free form task entry for users and clients. We also cover the Enrollments tab and its functionality. We go over filtering data on the enrollments tab, customizing data columns on the enrollments tab, and creating,  viewing, and editing payment plans.

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